PVC Sports Flooring

Large Sand

  • Description
Product Characteristics:

1. Surface Pattern: classical sand grain on top, reinforced wear-resistant layer.

2.  Environment Friendly: 100% virgin raw materials, no harm to human body.

3. Non-woven glass fiber polyester mesh layer: guarantee little shrink, deformation, fracture, lifespan longer.

4. Double-layer Foaming Structure: provide excellent elasticity, shock absorption, noise reduction.

5. Outstanding Sport Features: good elasticity, wear-resistance, and anti-slide characteristics.

   Model No:
   Large Sand Series
   Roll Width:
   Roll Length:
   15m / customized
   Roll Thickness:
   Wear-layer Thickness:
   1.2mm (±0.2mm)
   Indoor badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc.
   Stock Color: